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        !! Fresh update regarding donation KFFN 2016 !!

First of all we would like to send a heartfelt thank you to KFFN for making the Sheryl Lynn Foundation this year’s charity project! The Sheryl Lynn Foundation helps Philippine people in poverty and is an initiative of Sheryl Lynn Baas, Miss Netherlands 2006. The Sheryl Lynn Foundation was founded in 2007 and is actively helping and supporting people in the Philippines that live in poverty.

Our foundation is about love and about sharing. We believe it is very important for all of us to combine our strengths & resources to share them with those who need this the most. Simply out of love for one another.

SLF is putting all her efforts in helping as many people as possible with a focus on children and education. After the destructive typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013, the SLF had temporarily broadened her scope towards providing people with the most basic life necessities and rebuilding their lives. Read more about those relief operations on our website,

Over the past years we have worked on several projects, starting in the province of Leyte. Our latest project was our Christmas outreach project to the Alangan Mangyan Tribe in Banuton, Bucayao, Naujan in Oriental Mindoro. It was a day of fun activities, nutritious food and a distribution of necessities for young and old. One hundred families were given Noche Buena packs, water containers and educational coloring books with crayons. Detailed information about our projects, photos and videos are available on our website and our Facebook page (

The SLF is a small foundation with large ambitions. We want to reach as many people as we can, while also staying well-organized and limiting costs to the absolute minimum. The SLF board consists exclusively of enthusiastic volunteers, who are eager to contribute to a better living environment in the Philippines.

We want you to know that there is a lot of love for this cause in our organization and we hope it will become and remain clear to you how hard SLF is working to help the Philippine people in poverty to lead a better and happier life.

We thank you and the KFFN for your generous donations and it will be our pleasure to inform you later on about the joy and relief your donations have brought!

SLF is registered with ANBI. Visit our website:

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