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Development of Filipino children in poverty

Because every child matters!


For almost 10 years, Pasuk Foundation has been involved in changing the lives of underprivileged Pinoy children. What started as a private sponsoring activity back in 1999 has grown into a small charity organisation (NGO), currently contributing to the development of 100+ children across the Philippines.



In 2015, KFFN donated € 2500 to Pasuk Foundation.

We would like thank all visitors of the Independence Day Picnic Event for your contribution!



About Pasuk Foundation

At Pasuk Foundation, we believe that every child is valuable and created for a purpose. That’s why we compassionately reach out to needy children and support them in developing their talents, knowing that they will help others in turn one day.


Poverty is not just a lack of money or education. Poverty is a lack of hope, causing fear, shame and inactivity. To tackle this problem at source, Pasuk Foundation cooperates with Christian church partners, through which we offer our scholars hope and education. By fighting their spiritual, social, emotional, physical and economical poverty, we help the children and their families to escape from this vicious circle. Our focus is on families within the local poverty index, regardless of ethnicity or faith. And we prioritize children who lack one or both parents.


Through our programmes, the scholars experience love, Bible training, socialising activities, nutritious food and drink, and schooling support. Education is a crucial aspect in the development of children. Since most parents struggle with the cost of school supplies, we provide our scholars with a school bag, uniform, shoes and other necessities to ensure they continue going to school.


Pasuk Foundation truly is a volunteer-based organisation. Thanks to our low cost rate, at least 99% of our received donations is directly used for our projects. This figure shows we are a very efficient organisation, spending each and every Euro directly on the purpose of the foundation.


For more information, please visit our website or contact us:



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