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OFWs lead the launch of Taptap Send - a Remittance App with NO Fees!

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From the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, OFWs are joining forces to campaign for the best way to send back their hard-earned money to their loved ones back home. 

The days of waiting in line at Remittance centers, wasting precious personal time, and losing out on transaction fees are over according to Ms. Faye Sta. Ana, the Philippines Country Launcher for the new remittance app called Taptap Send.

Working for the past 6 years in Dubai as a Marketing & Growth professional in tech startups,  Sta. Ana is well versed in the many challenges of working abroad and she has made it her personal mission to make sure fellow Pinoy expats are getting the best and most convenient service that they rightly deserve. 

"As OFWs we get so used to the sacrifice that waiting in line to get transactions done has become ordinary -   at the airport, the embassy, the labor office. In fact, our struggles have become so commonplace that it is often turned into viral memes. 

"My mom has worked in Dubai for the past 20+ years. As a single mother, she worked hard toward self-sufficiency as she is the sole provider for her 3 kids along with our relatives in the province.  She and her friends are very traditional in the way they send remittances despite high fees and low exchange rates simply because they had not been introduced to a better way.  

I took on the challenge to launch the Philippine corridor for Taptap Send to change the way we look at remittances, and also to be more mindful about spending our time and money."

With fast and secure transactions, competitive exchange rates, and best of all -  ZERO transfer fees, Taptap Send is poised to change the remittance landscape for Filipinos overseas providing them with a cheap and easy alternative that caters to their busy and increasingly mobile lifestyle.  

Rolled out to the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and soon the UAE, Taptap Send is already getting organic positive responses from users sending to the Philippines. 

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Forty-three-year-old father of two, Chad Mendoza, is among the first few OFWs who have converted to using Taptap Send from Milan, Italy. 

"First of all there are no transaction fees, the app is so simple, user friendly, and straightforward, unlike other apps that you have to cash in or have to do a bank transfer first",  Mendoza shares.  
"It's secure as you don't need to carry cash around to bring to the remittance centers.  Also, since the Italian government for the past few years has been gearing toward their project 'Italia Cashless', Taptap Send will help Pinoys adapt to social changes and follow the law thus making us Pinoys here in Italy responsible immigrants."

Grace Delos Santos, a full-time Homemaker / Content creator and mother of 3 based in Alberta, Canada has also joined the call to share the benefits of Taptap Send to her followers.

"Honestly hindi ko alam ang tungkol sa Taptap Send, not until may lumapit sa akin para makipag collab so inaral ko talaga sya. I did my research and legit and maganda naman ang mga nakuha kong feedback sa internet about Taptap Send.  Unang una mataas ang exchange rate, tapos walang service charge, and then mabilis!  Hoping din ako na by joining their ambassador program we can support the community through event sponsorships and provide an extra source of income for those who need it."


Launched in 2019, Taptap Send is an international P2P remittance company with a mission to equalize access to capital globally by ensuring everyone has access to instant and convenient remittances at the lowest rates possible. 

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals,  the app was first launched in the most underserved territories in  Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean where access to banks and cash for the greater population remains an issue. 

The app's Founder and CEO, Michael Faye is a well-known philanthropist and Harvard Business School alumnus who has pursued technology for social awareness and global impact. He spent the last two decades focused on international poverty and building companies to make it as cheap, fast, and convenient to transfer money into emerging markets. 

With Taptap Send, the company's mission continues as it is made available to more markets and now serving the Filipino Diaspora around the globe,  aiming to provide our hardworking and well-deserving OFWs a 5-star solution in sending money to their families back home. 

Taptap Send is now available to download for IOS and Android for senders in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada. It is currently giving away EUR20 extra for its first transaction to the Philippines using the code TAP2PH. 

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