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Picnic House Rules and Regulations


1. Every picnicker is requested to observe cleanliness. Littering in the park is strictly prohibited. Garbage must be dumped in the nearby garbage containers. Failure to do so will be fined.
2. All vendors are requested to separate their garbage into paper, glass, plastic and residual waste. At the end of the activity, the controller will look around and will make control if the stalls are clean and free from any damage. Failure to comply with this requirement will not be entitled to refund of €25,-. Empty carton(s)/box(es), or box(es) with unsold goods, damaged or used chair(s), table(s) or tent(s) which are not considered (picnic) normal garbage are not allowed to be dumped in the container(s). Violator(s) will be apprehended by the security and will be fined by the organizers amounting to €100,- per violation.
3. Selling of food, drinks and other kind of consumable and commercials goods, or any product or services except the non-income generating activity, is strictly prohibited in the park except on hired stall(s) provided by the organizers. Vendors selling goods or food in their car or tent within the premises of the park will be confiscated or forced to move their goods in the stall or bazaar area and will be fined, which is equivalent to €150,-.
4. All vendors selling cold & warm food must comply with the strict requirement set by the Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit signed by the vendor(s) & the picnic organizers.
5. Picnickers are not allowed to bring their own generator, due safety and noise.



1. The “Security” is authorized to do control and make interrogation(s) on all suspected person(s), material(s) or object(s) which can bring danger or prejudice public safety and public order during the picnic.
2. Political promotion in any kind or form is not allowed. Any deep violation which can bring threat to security & safety in the picnic area can be endorsed to the police authority.
3. Picnickers are not allowed to park or set tent or any object(s) in these indicated area(s):
• Bazaar (only behind)
• Stage
• Organizers station/ tent(s)
• And the “Palarong Filipino” ground near the stage.
4. Selling any kind of products is only allowed in our bazaar, outside this area it is prohibited to sell any kind of products. KFFN will consider you as violator and will fine you.
5. Booth holders and picnicker(s) in the tent(s) are encouraged to bring their own authorized fire extinguisher(s).
6. Everybody in the picnic area should use the toilet(s). Failure to do so will be fined by the assigned authority.
7. Everybody is requested to park only in their assigned parking lot(s). Otherwise your car will be fined and confiscated by the local police authority.
8. Everybody should follow the instructions of the parking staff off and on the picnic field. Failure to do so will not be entitled to refund of €25,-.
9. Use of LPG gas is prohibited. Propane gas is allowed & advisable.
10. Barbecue on the grass is NOT ALLOWED and will be fined.
11. No alcohol & or liquor shall be sold anywhere on the picnic grounds.
12. Playing of music should be limited to its minimum especially when the program is going on.
13. It is not allowed to leave the barbecue coal on the grass, but need to be thrown in the provided bin.

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